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Be sure to check out the Mayor's Road Safety website. How successful do you think their suggestion of asking drivers to turn off their cell phones before driving will be in reducing the numbers of active cell phone drivers? Do we need to do more? MUCH MORE?


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Ticket the Talker

Tired of driving around Seattle and seeing one driver after another talking on the cell phone or worse texting? Does the problem seem to is getting worse not better? Does it seem there's a culture of acceptance concerning cell phone use while driving? When you catch drivers talking on their cell phone are they more likely to be embarassed or flip you the bird? Does it seem like the issue is being ignored or considerably under-ticketed in the dense urban environment of Seattle? This website is dedicated to getting the Seattle Mayor's Road Safety Summit to engage in more than lip service and to encourage Seattle's Police to actually start ticketing the talker. This year's Road Safety Summit's suggestion for cell phone drivers is posting a notice on a website asking drivers to turn off their cell phones. While the effort might be perceived as good hearted - posting a notice on a website asking drivers to turn off their cell phones is laughable as a serious suggestion for a significant road safety issue.

We need to change the culture of acceptance for cell phone drivers and like the "Click it or ticket" campaign changed the culture in this state for driving without using a seat belt, a "Ticket the Talker" campaign would do the same for cell phone drivers. Such a campaign would also raise a huge amount of revenue for the state of Washington at exactly the time we need such revenue. Who would be against the effort to ticket the talker and ticket the texter. Let's get serious about road safety in Seattle, in King County and Washington State and TICKET THE TALKER!

"Talking on the cellphone asas impaired as drunk drivers..."

More than one study has shown that drivers talking on a cellphone, even using "hands-free" devices are as impaired as drunk drivers.

"I regularly ride a bike for three miles to work, and I have noticed over the two years a real spike in cell phone drivers in Seattle. It seems the police do not ticket for it any more. I started riding with a camera and I noticed that at first people caught on camera talking on the cell phone while driving were embarassed and dropped the phone, or looked sheepish. What I have noticed over time is the attitude has shifted to one of "fuck you, it is my right to drive while talking on the phone."

Seattle Cell phone drivers. The distracted are everywhere.

Let's change the culture! Let's truly make Seattle's streets safer!

Amazingly, the State of Washington is missing its chance to obtain additional revenue while at the same time only increasing our road safety. Given the fact that the cell phone driving ticket is $124 the State of Washington is missing it opportunity to collect this needed source of revenue.

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September 2012

Please send us your photos of drivers talking or texting on their cell phones! Please never take a photo while actually driving. We at TicketTheTalker like using a GoPro camera mounted on our car or bike for most of our shots. Or we let our passengers take the photos with their cell phones whilest the driver drives.

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