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Be sure to check out the Mayor's Road Safety website. How successful do you think their suggestion of asking drivers to turn off their cell phones before driving will be in reducing the numbers of active cell phone drivers? Do we need to do more? MUCH MORE?


Mayor's Road Safety Summit

Road Safety Summit - Distraction

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Seattle Cell Phone Driver Photos

Certain neighborhoods seem to be worse than others. TicketTheTalker believes there is a higher cell phone driver cell use rate in Seattle's "walking neighborhoods" (Downtown, Rooselvelt, U-district, Capitol Hill, etc.) and where the density of cars, bikes and pedestrians is highest. All the below photos were taken in dense North Seattle neighborhoods and Capitol Hill. Skilled Capitol Hill No Hands Cellphone driver

There's a vast cultural acceptance of cell phone use while driving and the most common reaction to getting caught do so is "what's your problem?" What's your problem?

The next most common reaction to being photographed using the cell phone while driving is a complete utter lack of care. (Note the driver's vehicle is moving) Drivers cares not at all....

But other cell phone drivers are all smiles. All Smiles

But most cell phone drivers don't seem overly concerned wit the safety issues they present. Afterall it is the other driver that cannot possibly talk and drive at the same time. Here's Ms. Capitol Hill demonstrating the one handed driving technique of which cell phone drivers are so very fond. Ms One Handed on Capitol Hill

While holding a cell phone in your hand and not next to one's ear is legal the drivers remain totally distracted. We need to better educate drivers as to the level of distraction that ANY cellphone use entails. Face down texting

While it is more difficult to catch of photo of someone texting, the drivers are even more of a road safety issue. Texter

I really love all the delivery people who drive with the cell to their ear. I wonder how many businesses are aware of the liability this illegal action entails. The driver of the Bakkers Fine Dry Cleaner told me his boss didn't care. This is the culture we need to change. Bakker Fine Dry Cleaning driver on the phone driving the company van

I am always alazed at how comfortable cell phone drivers are in their activity, lost in their own little distracted world. Mr. Comfortable

Of course being "lost in one's world" is why cell phone drivers are as equally impaired as drunk drivers. Here this cell phone driver tailgates our vehicle. Rides my ass

Seattle Cell Phone Driver Videos

Tired of driving around Seattle and seeing one driver after another yapping on the cell phone? Tired of watching the police ignore the issue? Tired of hear about the Mayor's Road Safety Agenda when cell phone drivers ignore the issue?

Let's change the culture! Let's truly make Seattle's streets safer!

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September 2012

Please send us your photos of drivers talking or texting on their cell phones! Please never take a photo while actually driving. We at TicketTheTalker like using a GoPro camera mounted on our car or bike for most of our shots. Or we let our passengers take the photos with their cell phones whilest the driver drives.

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