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Be sure to check out the Mayor's Road Safety website. How successful do you think their suggestion of asking drivers to turn off their cell phones before driving will be in reducing the numbers of active cell phone drivers? Do we need to do more? MUCH MORE?


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The Law

June 8th 2005

Tired of driving around Seattle and seeing one driver after another yapping on the cell phone? Tired of watching the police ignore the issue? Does the Mayor's Road Safety Agenda need to be more proactive on the issue of cell phone drivers? We feel the only way to change the culture of driving while on the cell phone is to Ticket The Talker!

Seattle Cell phone drivers. The distracted are everywhere.

I regularly ride a bike to work, and I noticed over a year ago a spike in cell phone drivers in Seattle. It seems the police do not ticket for it any more. I started riding with a camera and I noticed that at first people caught on camera talking on the cell phone while driving were embarassed and dropped the phone, or looked sheepish. What I have noticed over time is the attitude has shifted to one of "fuck you, it is my right to drive while talking on the phone."

Let's change the culture! Let's truly make Seattle's streets safer!

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Send us your cellphone driver photos!

September 2012

Please send us your photos of drivers talking or texting on their cell phones! Please never take a photo while actually driving. We at TicketTheTalker like using a GoPro camera mounted on our car or bike for most of our shots. Or we let our passengers take the photos with their cell phones whilest the driver drives.

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